Weymouth’s Jurassic Egg Hunt 8th – 23rd April

Put on you Pith Helmet, dust off your magnifying glass and join the fun!

Evil mad scientist Dr Destruction has broken out of prison and stolen the very rare Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur egg from the National Dinosaurarium. Thinking that the Jurassic Coast is the perfect location to hide it, he has seized the opportunity to confuse the recovery team, by hiding the egg in Weymouth, whilst a collection of replica dinosaur eggs is being displayed in the windows of businesses around town.

Professor Rex Stink and his colleagues have been searching all over Weymouth for this extremely valuable egg and really need your help to find it.

Navigate the trail by solving clues found with each dinosaur egg, until you have found all fifteen. Remember to keep your eyes wide open to spot the answers to four special dinosaur facts, which are cunningly hidden with the dinosaur eggs in just four of the businesses.

Believing he is much smarter than Weymouth’s young explorers, the cheeky Dr Destruction has left a riddle in the window of the last egg on the trail, convinced it could not be cracked!

Solve the riddle to discover the location of the very rare T-Rex egg.

On the trail form write down the answers to the four dinosaur facts and where Dr Destruction has hidden the T-Rex egg.

Return your form to the BID office by 1pm on Monday 24th April to be in with a chance of winning a bag full of Easter goodies. Don’t forget to include your name and contact details.

Trail forms can be collected from the Weymouth BID office or downloaded from the weareweymouth.co.uk website from Saturday 8th April.

Please note: All children taking part in the Jurassic Egg Hunt must be accompanied by an adult.

Terms and conditions of entry can be viewed here.