Weymouth Beach – Frequently Asked Questions

Before planning a trip to Weymouth Beach, it’s good to know if you can enjoy a BBQ, bring the dogs or rent a deckchair. We have put together a handy list to answer Weymouth Beach’s Top Frequently Asked Questions to guide you around the dos and dont’s of the beach.

Got a question, but no answer? Contact Weymouth Beach Office on 01305 293832 or email beach@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk

What can I do at Weymouth Beach?

There is a huge range of things to do on Weymouth Beach. Feeling sporty? Try something new on Weymouth beach! Challenge your friends to a game of volleyball, and let the winner enjoy a classic Weymouth ice cream! Or, you can be the king of the castle and build your own kingdom in the sand, armed with a bucket and spade. You could explore Weymouth beach from a new perspective as you ride the beach donkeys! Or, you could unwind on a deckchair and relive your childhood while enjoying a traditional Punch and Judy show. The choice is yours!

Are there lifeguards at Weymouth Beach?

RNLI Lifeguards patrol the beach from May to the end of September. The lifeguards provide advice, first aid and keep beach users safe when necessary. Please heed any signs and always swim between the flags.

Can I swim at Weymouth Beach?

Yes, it is safe to swim at Weymouth Beach. Weymouth Beach is known for its shallow waters and family-friendly sands, making it perfect for a swim. There are RNLI lifeguards on patrol for most of the year who are available to help guide where is safest to swim.

Is Weymouth Beach dog-friendly?

Generally, dogs are permitted all year round within restricted areas on Weymouth Beach. No dogs are allowed on the marked main beach from Good Friday – 31st October. Dogs are allowed from Greenhill Gryne to Overcombe and Bowleaze Cove all year round. There is also a dog exercise area near Weymouth Pavilion. For more information regarding Dogs on Weymouth beach, please click here

Can I use my metal detector on Weymouth Beach?

Metal detecting on Weymouth Beach is not permitted when the beach is well-populated between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. When using a metal detector on Weymouth Beach, it is important to consider other beach users. For more information, click here

Is Weymouth Beach wheelchair friendly? 

Weymouth Beach is incredibly safe. It is sheltered and shelves gently with no drop-offs. The beach is located in close proximity to the local train station, bus station and taxi ranks. Weymouth Beach Toilets are also accessible, with the option of disabled toilets on the ground level.

There are wheelchairs available to hire on Weymouth Beach from the office, for more information call 01305 293832 or click here to read the full access statement

Is there first aid on Weymouth Beach?

The RNLI Lifeguards on Weymouth Beach are available to provide first aid assistance and to help keep beach users safe when necessary. The Lifeguards patrol the beach from May to the end of September. 

Can I rent deckchairs on Weymouth Beach?

Deckchairs are a popular option on Weymouth Beach, allowing you to relax in the sun and enjoy the views the beach has to offer. Deckchairs are available to hire from the Beach Office. For more information call 01305 293832 or email beach@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk

Deckchairs on Weymouth Beach

Are there toilets on Weymouth Beach?

There are public toilets located close to Weymouth Beach. There is a set of underground public toilets on the promenade next to the Kings Statue. There is also 2 ground level disabled toilets operated via a RADAR key. There is another set of toilets located at the Pier Bandstand, where you can find men’s, women’s disabled and baby changing facilities. For more information regarding Weymouth Beach Toilets including opening times, click here.

Can I have a barbeque at Weymouth Beach?

BBQ’s are permitted on Weymouth Beach, given that they do not annoy or create a hazard to other beach users. You must never bury your finished BBQ, leave it in the bin and must always consider other beach users. For more information, click here

Is Weymouth Beach sand or shingle?

Weymouth Beach is a sandy beach, stretching from the Pavillion to the Pier Bandstand. Beyond the Pier Bandstand, the beach becomes pebbly and it is at this end of the beach that floating rafts are put out during the summer for competent swimmers to swim out to.

Is horse riding permitted on Weymouth Beach?

Horses cannot be ridden on Weymouth Beach from 1st April to 30th September between 9am and 7pm. When riding horses on Weymouth Beach, racing is not permitted, and you must always keep other beach users’ safety paramount. For more information, click here

Is there parking at Weymouth Beach?

There is 6 council car parks within easy walking distance of Weymouth Beach, as well as a multitude of privately owned car parks and street parking. In the summer due to the popularity of Weymouth Beach, it can be recommended to use alternate methods of transport such as buses or the park & ride. 

Can I get the train to Weymouth Beach?

Weymouth Train Station is located close by to the Beach, making it an ever-popular way to beat the traffic and enjoy Weymouth’s beautiful golden sands. You can find a train to Weymouth using our friendly booking tool here

Weymouth Train Station