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Tudor House Museum, Weymouth, Trinity Street, Weymouth, UK
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Tudor House

Tudor House was built in the last years of the 16th Century. On the outside you will see twin gables with their moulded corbels facing the street; it was common to arrange the roofs this way in Medieval streets. The ashlar stonework and the large mullioned windows show this was a dwelling of a fairly well-to-do person. It could have been the home of a merchant as this was the area of the sea traders and their ships would be moored in ‘The Ope’, an inlet of water from the harbour partly covering the area now known as Hope Square. Tudor House would have been close to the water’s edge. During the 18th Century the inlet was filled in and the house lost its important position. Before the house was restored it was two small cottages. In the 1930’s the cottages were threatened with demolition and became derelict. Eventually they were saved by a well known local architect, Mr E. Walmsley Lewis, who restored them to one residence and furnished it as a middle class home of the 17th Century. Thanks to the generosity of Mr Lewis the house is now owned by Weymouth Civic Society.
The only access to upper floors is via the staircase.

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