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RSPB Radipole Lake, Radipole Park Drive, Weymouth, UK
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RSPB Radipole Lake Nature Reserve

Nestled in the centre of Weymouth, the reedbeds of Radipole Lake are an unlikely urban home to some stunning wildlife, including fabulous birds like bearded tits and kingfishers, and elusive creatures such as otters and water voles. Start your journey at the family-friendly Discovery Centre and have a go at pond dipping.

About Radipole Lake


Although Radipole Lake in central Weymouth, you can find wetland habitats, hedgerow scrub, reedbeds and saline lagoons.


  • Annual reed cuts help keep the reed healthy, producing lots of seed which is a great source of food for bearded tits.
  • Ditch clearance helps to produce edge habitat which is ideal feeding habitat for bittern. It also ensures there is flowing water which is vital for fish populations.
  • Our scrub management ensures we retain reedbed, so it doesn’t turn into woodland. Plus keeping some scrub for wildlife, such as reed buntings and Cetti’s warblers.
  • We use grazing animals to keep the vegetation in check and annually cut rush – this creates good conditions for breeding and wintering waders and wildfowl.
  • We manage water levels, low in the winter, which is good for feeding waders and allows us to get into the reedbeds to carry out management work. The water levels are higher in summer to reduce predation of breeding birds from ground predators.

Read more at https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/radipole-lake/#b6ooZlgYFzTq07rI.99

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