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Old Harbour Dive Centre, Nothe Parade, Weymouth, UK
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Old Harbour Dive Centre

PADIs number 1 5 star IDC dive centre based of the coast in Weymouth.


From discovering the underwater world to instructor level.


We can do it all.


Now taking bookings for Diving courses and boat charters.


Established over 25 years, the Old Harbour Dive Centre caters for new and experienced divers alike.

Located in Weymouth, an area renowned for its wealth of marine life and its numerous wrecks (some 120 within a 20 mile radius), which attract divers from all parts of the U.K.

The diving suits all levels of divers, from those on their first sea dives, through to the technical divers diving to below 40 metres.

Diving is possible all year round, due to the sheltered location of Portland Harbour. Diving outside the harbour limits is at its best from April through to September.

WINTER HOURS – call us to check we are in (the country!).

All kinds of scuba diving products. we stock lots of items and brands ranging from aqaulung sunnnto Tusa and many many more.

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