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Jordan Hill Roman Temple

Set in a beautiful position overlooking the sea above Weymouth Bay is this small 4-5th Century AD Roman Temple.

Only the foundations and the base of the walls remain, which are over 1 metre thick and enclose an area of less than 80 square metres but this site is interesting for a find in the southeast corner of the structure. This consisted of a shaft around 4 metres deep with 2 urns, a spearhead and a sword in a stone cist at its base. Above this cist were deposited 16 layers of ash and charcoal, each containing the remains of a bird along with a coin and separated from the next layer with roofing slabs. Why these pagan offering were being made so late in the Roman occupation of the British Isles is not known, as Christianity was already becoming established in Britain by the 4th century AD.
Outside of the temple in the surrounding land were found the remains of around 100 burials.

A hoard of over 4,000 bronze coins picked up near Jordan Hill in 1928 may represent offerings at the shrine collected over many years. The site is now in the care of English Heritage.

This is what the temple was thought to look like.

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