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Greenhill Gardens
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Greenhill Gardens

Greenhill Gardens have been recognised as one of the country’s best green spaces. The gardens have been recognised for a green flag award after impressing judges with well maintained facilities and excellent use of green space.

The Gardens were originally part of the ‘Wilton Estate’ but in 1902 they were handed over to the local council as a gift for the “benefit of the inhabitant of Weymouth”.

Friends of Greenhill Gardens

In 2007, the Friends of Greenhill Gardens were formed with the target of improving the gardens and have been successful in winning the green flag awards.

In the gardens you will find:

The seascape cafe which is located at the entrance to the cafe, the wishing well which was donated by Melcome Regis Rotary Club in the late 1980’s. Monies thrown into the well are collected and presented to a local charity. One of the most popular features of the gardens is the floral clock with it’s cuckoo type chime. You will also find the Schneider Trophy Weathervane. It stands in memorial to Weymouth College Student George Stainforth who set a world air speed record in 1931. The large crescent shaped flower bed is given to a charity or organisation celebrating a significant anniversary. There is also a sensory garden sponsored by the FOGGs which contains plants which are appreciated by our visually impaired visitors.






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