As you’d expect for a town famous for watersports, Weymouth offers a choice of swimming pools, beaches, sheltered waters and even a cove.

Safe Shallow Waters

How lovely to see grandparents taking tiny tots to the water’s edge for their very first experience of the sea around their toes. And older children love nothing more than running down the beach and having fun splashing about in the sea.

Naturally, in Weymouth, you can always go swimming in the safe, shallow waters of Weymouth Beach. Or if it’s secluded little bays you prefer, Newton’s Cove is only a few minutes’ walk from Hope Square, right next to the base of Nothe Fort.

Secluded Bays

For an amazing holiday experience, you can take a boat trip to Lulworth and take in some of the secluded coves along the way – ideal for a swim. Do take local advice on currents, though.

Swimming Pools

For swimming pools, you have a choice of local hotels which provide swimming to the public (The Rembrandt) or Weymouth Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre (just behind Asda). As with most pools, there are different sessions, for example children’s play sessions or ladies only evenings. It might be an idea to check out times in advance.


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