One of the Nation’s best preserved Tudor buildings

Tudor House, built about 1600, originally stood on the edge of “The Cove”, an inlet from the harbour which was filled in during the 18th century.

It is thought to have been a merchant’s harbour side house, and is furnished as the home of an early seventeenth century middle class family.

Today it is owned and operated by Weymouth Civic Society.

Guided Tours

Civic Society volunteers provide guided tours of the house during opening hours (see below), and at other times by arrangement. A visit will provide an excellent starting point for the study of our local history.

A tour of the house gives a fascinating insight into the history of Weymouth in the early seventeenth century during its heyday as a port for trade and exploration.

The guides describe the domestic daily life of the times, including furniture and clothing, cooking and serving of food, lighting and candle making.