Flying Frenzy Paragliding ltd is a small and enthusiastic team dedicated to teaching you all the skills and knowledge you need to progress quickly and safely. We have been instructing here in West Dorset since 1993, making us the longest established paragliding school in the West Country. We operate fulltime, year round and we take pride in giving you a straight dependable service. We are a BHPA registered school (British Hang gliding and Paragliding Association) which is your guarantee of quality.

“Flying Frenzy offers the perfect learning environment; fun and relaxed but with instructors who inspire confidence.”

Paragliding is the purest form of flight available to us. The wing weighs just a few kilos and is easily portable. With a steady breeze blowing up a cliff you can soar all day in perfect relaxation. If adventure is your thing you can climb up thousands of feet in thermals and then glide for many miles. If adrenaline is your thing you can learn to throw your paraglider around to do some of the most dynamic acrobatics imaginable…

Please visit the website at Flying Frenzy for further information and where you can fly.


Andrew Pearse CFI
Flying Frenzy Paragliding Ltd.
Manor Cottage
West Bexington

Office phone: 01308 898777
Mobile: 0799 0505 725