We are a Escape Rooms located on the Seafront of Weymouth, aim of the Game is to see if you have what it takes to Escape on of our Small Dungeons within your given hour. Can you Escape in time? With Three Small Themed Escape Dungeons, you are locked away to see if you can complete the task at hand.

Prison Break– After you and your gang have been on a huge killing spree you got captured and have now been sentenced to death. With only One Hour before your execution, is your gang smart enough to Escape your fate and get out your cell in time.

Defuse the Bomb – You have been enlisted to be a spy, it’s your final test to see if you’ve got what it takes. Defuse the Bomb in time to succeed before you’re doomed to another fate.

Escape Wonderland – Captured by the Red Queen, and locked in her Dungeon, with only One Hour until the Tea Party, are you going to make it in time or do you have another destiny?