Castletown D-Day Centre is an authentic recreation of the busy wartime dockyard on the Isle of Portland, from which in 1944, thousands of American troops of the 5th US Corps and the US 1st infantry, embarked, bound for the heavily defended beaches of Nazi occupied France.

The centre features an impressive array of original WW2 artifacts, weapons and wartime vehicles, including a full size replica Spitfire, a Bofors 40mm gun and even a restored Sherman tank.

To enhance your D-Day experience, you are actively encouraged to handle the weapons, climb on the vehicles and even dress up in authentic WW2 uniforms and get ‘In The Mood’.

Donning full military costume, our friendly and highly knowledgable staff will help you discover a truly immersive WW2 experience; A wartime harbour scene where men and equipment are being loaded onto a landing ship that is moored alongside the dock, making ready for its imminent departure, bound for the bloody beaches of Normandy.

Castletown D-Day Centre offers a unique chance for young and old to remember, or indeed learn for the first time, the important role played by the port of Portland during the allied invasion of northern France and the great bravery of the thousands of American, British and allied troops that departed that day, so many of whom would lose their lives protecting our freedom