Support Weymouth’s Totally Locally Scheme

Totally Locally Weymouth is simply all about Weymouth. It’s about the town we love, the independent shops we love and the local people we love!

Totally Locally welcomes anyone who is passionate about Weymouth to help with campaigns, events and spreading the word about the benefits of shopping locally.

Totally Locally is all about Me & You & Him & Her. It’s about shopping in your street, your town. It’s about jobs & community, it’s about investing today for a prosperous tomorrow, it’s about making this place shine like a diamond.

Which means more jobs, nicer facilities & a better future for our town.
Makes you think doesn’t it?

Totally Locally Ltd is a Social Enterprise. We love what we do, we get excited that we could possibly make a big impact on the towns of the UK, by being a bit clever, working with great people who care and playing the big boys at their own game.