Why you Love Weymouth: Answered

We all know Weymouth is a beautiful place that unites many people. It holds special memories for families, fun times with friends and lots more! Would you like to share why you love Weymouth? Tell us your reasons here.

We asked you on Facebook and Instagram to tell us why you love Weymouth and share some of your reasons why you love it. Here’s some of our favourites…

“We love Weymouth, for its gorgeous sandy beaches, and taking a picnic on a sunny afternoon whilst watching Punch and Judy.” – Karen Ewington via Facebook

Punch  and Judy in Weymouth is a well loved tradition dating back to the 1880’s. You can find more about the classic comedy here.

“Cycling along the Rodwell trail to the beach on a sunny day with my son on the back and the bucket and spade on the handlebars. Life doesn’t get much better!” – Ellen Sandrey via Facebook

Weymouth is known for it’s nature and picturesque scenery, so there’s no doubt it creates amazing memories! The Rodwell Trail is one of Weymouth’s most popular trails and paths.

“My husband, children and I love Weymouth because it is beautiful whatever the weather, it is dog friendly and there is plenty to do. Our favourite things to do are crabbing, walking, cycling and finding those little hidden away beaches. 💕 Weymouth is our favourite place.” – Nicky Galloway via Facebook

Even dogs love Weymouth! Hidden beaches provide a perfect escape from the main hustle and bustle of Weymouth Beach. Discover things to do in Weymouth here.

Weymouth Tourist Information

“Been visiting since i was a little girl (now 33) spent my moms honeymoon there with all the family and have been having our annual camping trip there ever since. Cant visit without a battered mars bar from Bennetts, trip to the cove house on portland, and our newest one is treasure hunting on the beach :)” – @emmie_lou77 via Instagram

An annual holiday to Weymouth is enjoyed by many holidaymakers from across the country, looking to enjoy Weymouth’s golden sands and beautiful scenery, and for some, battered Mars bars! Find more about Bennetts here.

Chesil Beach

“I have been coming to Weymouth since I was 12, back in 1985. I had some wonderful family holidays with my parents and my best friend at Waterside Holiday Park. Memories that stay with me and my best friend for ever. My best friend and I had our first holiday without our parents there, and stayed at the Russell Hotel and we thought we were so grown up ! I then introduced my now husband to Weymouth before we were married in 1998, and even had my hen do there. I first found out I was expecting my first child while on holiday with my husband in 2000 and can remember sitting in Bowleaze beach watching the waves filled with excitement and anticipation. Since then we have coated Weymouth, with my own family, and our pet springier spaniel, at least twice every year ever since.” – Steph Faulkner via Facebook

Weymouth is filled with special memories to individuals from around the world- it is rare to enjoy so many memories held close together.