Weymouth Teenagers’ Campaign To Improve Relationships With Bus Drivers

Teenagers in the Dorset area have set out a plane to improve teenager and bus driver relations

Two teenagers, Crystal Mills and Jack Dunne from Weymouth, are looking to improve the relationships between teenagers and bus drivers, hopefully eliminating any previous tension and stereotypes. Although both sides have admitted that they don’t always see eye to eye, first buses have been working with Crystal and Jack in order to come up with a booklet called Project G.U.S, this will hopefully give some inside knowledge to both sides about how the other feels and create a much friendlier atmosphere for the future.

This idea is backed by Fixers a show on ITV that gives young people a voice and allows them to express their views on how they thing the community can better itself.

Read more at: www.fixers.org.uk/news/13940-11226/bus-wars-fix-on-itv.php