Socially Distanced Things To Do in Weymouth

Socially Distanced things to do in weymouth and portland

Far from the Madding Crowd. Where to go in Weymouth to find some peace and solitude.

In these unusual times, as we begin to return to normal there is still a need to find a quiet escape. Perhaps your idea of bliss is not a busy beach, but a quiet open space. Here are a few of our recommendations for places to visit and socially distanced things to do in Weymouth.

Weymouth Peace Garden

Quiet places to visit in Weymouth

Weymouth Peace Garden is a small quiet garden located just five minutes from the busy Hope Square. This hidden gem is a great place to go while socially distancing in Weymouth as the park is often unnoticed by those not knowing where to look.

Bincleaves Green

Socially Distanced Things To Do in Weymouth in 2020

Bincleaves Green is a lovely open space overlooking Newtons Cove and the Portland Harbour Breakwater. You can find it at the end of Newton’s Road just 10 minutes from Hope Square on the South Harbour Side.

This RSPB Nature Reserve is well worth an explore if you are looking for a quiet spot to observe nature. If you have any queries about any birds that you might see you can usually find a knowledgeable ornithologist in the Nature Reserve shop and café.

It is free to look around the reserve.

RSPB Radipole Lake

Quiet places to visit in Weymouth include the RSPB Radipole Nature Reserve

The Fleet Lagoon

The Fleet Lagoon is one of the most popular quiet places to go in Weymouth

If you are looking for a nice gentle walk with lovely views and not many people, then head to The Fleet Lagoon where you can pick up the South Coast Path. You can get there by taking the No 1 bus from by the Kings Statue and getting off at Ferrybridge.

Radipole Park

Radipole Park Social Distancing in weymouth

Radipole Park is just minutes from Weymouth Town Centre. Radipole is a quiet park with flowerbeds and seating which is a lovely spot to visit.

Tout Quarry Nature Reserve

Visit Tout Quarry Nature Reserve on the Isle of Portland and travel back in time. Somewhat off the beaten track, this former stone quarry on Portland offers an unusual and often empty place to find some solitude. You can lose yourself for hours exploring the twists and turns of the old quarry workings and encountering all manner of sculptures.

Socially Distanced Things To Do in Weymouth

Please continue to #ProtectRespectEnjoy and stay safe during your visit to these open spaces in Weymouth. Before you visit Weymouth, check out our latest Weymouth social distancing updates.