Social Distancing Measures in Weymouth Town Centre

Social Distancing Measures in Weymouth

Social Distancing in Weymouth

Weymouth is re-open for business and is beginning to return to normal, but when you visit you will find that some things have changed.

Visitors will notice that around the town, stencilled markings and signs have appeared around busy areas, including bus stops, to help people to observe social-distancing please follow the instructions.

Many of the shops are in smaller premises and you may find that you are asked to queue before you will be allowed in. Please be patient.

Hand sanitizer is available to use when entering many of the shops.

Please remember that it is mandatory from 24th July that masks must be worn by shoppers in all shops. 

Around Weymouth Harbour, Dorset Council and Weymouth Town Council have introduced temporary measures to restrict the traffic to enable cafes and bars to place tables in the open air. The changes are to Trinity Road, Hope Square, Cove Street and Custom House. 

Table service is being provided at many pubs and cafes and queuing at the bar or counter is discouraged. 

Many restaurants have introduced bookings so that they can provide adequate space for diners, so if you have a favourite venue please check their website or give them a call rather than turning up and being disappointed.

What are the social distancing rules in Weymouth?

With regards to travel, taxi firms are operating around the town and passengers are required to wear a mask and pay by contactless card.

Buses are operating and as elsewhere in the country passengers are required to wear a mask. Both money and contactless cards are accepted on the buses.

Car Parks in town do accept cash or cards but if you wish to, you can download the JUST PARK app to your smart phone which will enable you to pay for parking without leaving the comfort of your car and without the need to collect a ticket. Or book your space online at Your Parking Space, turn up and park following your provided instructions for a hassle-free experience. Spaces are only a few minutes from the town centre, can be booked hourly, daily or even monthly with day tickets costing just £4.


Because of the new traffic restrictions, there are no longer any free one hour spaces along either side of the harbour.

There are some restrictions in place for people taking pleasure trips from or bring boats into the harbour and these can be found here.

For more information about social distancing in Weymouth and the wider Dorset area, visit the Dorset Council website.