Meet the New GC: The Penguin Prima Donna Named In Honour Of ‘The Diva On Lockdown’

Sea Life Weymouth names Fairy Penguin in honour of Gemma Collins due to its Diva Antics. The Diminutive Diva will be revealed to the public shortly. Sea Life’s Outdoor Attractions reopen on 17th June.

SEALIFE Weymouth has named one of its new fairy penguin chicks in honour of Gemma Collins, after the prima donna pingu displayed similar characteristics to the lockdown diva.

Just as the GC is known for her diva demands, as seen on her ITVBe reality show, so too has the petit penguin chick, who pushes all of her siblings to one side whenever Sea Life staff approach with food. If she doesn’t get her way and isn’t fed first, the penguin returns to its nest to sulk – what’s more, the chick will come for food even when she’s not hungry to hold up the queue of hungry penguins and to ‘assert her divaship’.

March saw the exciting birth of fairy penguin chicks at the site. The six baby penguins are the only ones of their kind in all of Europe and are known by experts as the ‘little penguins’ – meaning the diminutive diva Gemma Collins will grow to around just 33cm in height – that’s only a little longer than an A4 sheet of paper. Native to southern Australia and New Zealand, the Fairy Penguin colony were rehomed to SEA LIFE Weymouth when their sanctuary in Manly, Australia, had to close in 2018.

While Gemma remains behind closed doors with her siblings as the site’s interior is closed due to the national lockdown, many outdoor areas of Sea Life Weymouth are about to reopen to visitors on 17th June, meaning guests can check out creatures including otters and seals. They’ll also be able to enjoy several other exterior elements of the site, including the adventure golf park.

To ensure the safety of visitors and the site team, social distancing measures will be imposed including online bookings for specific visiting slots, temperature checks on arrival, extensive and additional cleaning operations and other social distancing measures.

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Tamsin Mutton-McKnight, general manager at Sea Life Weymouth, said: “Just as Gemma Collins herself said ‘I’ve earned my divaship’ so too has our little chick, who by and far has shown herself to be something of a penguin prima donna. Our team has worked hard throughout the lockdown to hand rear the chicks and we can’t wait for Gemma and her siblings to meet guests soon

“In the meantime, we’re delighted to be opening much of our site to guests once again and know that creatures and team members alike are excited to welcome visitors and provide some much-needed entertainment as the lockdown begins to relax

“We’ve worked hard throughout the lockdown to ensure all our residents receive the same high level of care they have all year round; we’ve also carefully considered and implemented social distancing and other safety measures throughout the site to ensure we can offer a safe environment for all of the family during their visit.”

Visit the Sea Life Weymouth website for more information on booking your visit, the social distancing measures in place and further details of which elements of the site will open to the public from 18th June.

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