‘Jurassica’ Park to open near Weymouth

Jurassica . We Are Weymouth.

The Isle of Portland, joined to Weymouth by Chesil Beach, is famous for its stone and quarries. Soon, if all goes according to plan, it will also be famous for its swimming robot dinosaurs.

The plans for the exciting and ambitious ‘Jurassica’ project include a 40m deep disused Portland stone quarry, enclosed by the same biome-style steel and glass roof as The Eden Project. Jurassica will have an aquarium that will house robot swimming plesiosaurs alongside other interactive displays and animatronic dinosaurs.

The world-class centre will be a spectacular modern attraction celebrating the lost world of prehistoric earth, and the important role played by the unique Jurassic Coast in the birth of modern science and the understanding of evolution.

Covering 80 acres, the project is set to attract up to a million visitors a year and will allow people to explore pre-history through four interconnecting stories.

Jurassica is the vision of local science writer Mike Hanlon. “Visitors will be led into a space of absolute wonder and marvel,” says Mike. “There’s also an immense treasure trove of material held by people in Dorset who have been collecting along the cliffs of Charmouth, Lyme Regis, Purbecks and Portland for decades and it would be great to have somewhere where this material could go on display.”

“The Jurassic Coast is considered the only single site in the world that displays evidence of millions of years of the earth’s history and the project is such a great way to celebrate this.”

The project is estimated to cost between £60-90m, and is aiming to be completed by 2019/2020. The museum is anticipated to bring around £20m into the local area – great news for the South West economy.

Weymouth will be a wonderful place to stay to take full advantage of everything Jurassica has to offer. “This is a really bold innovative project that could be fantastic for the whole of the county,” said Ian Girling, chief executive of Dorset Chamber of Commerce. “There’s no doubt it’s going to be a tremendous boost for Weymouth and Portland.”