The Best Places to see the Cruise Ships in Weymouth Bay

Cruise Ships in Weymouth Bay

Photo Courtesy of Dorset Echo.

Weymouth Bay Cruise Ships.

In a normal year, visits of cruise ships to Weymouth or more exactly Portland, is not an unsual sight as in recent years Portland has become a popular port of call for many cruise lines.  However, it is unusual to see a cruise ship anchored in the beautiful Weymouth Bay and quite amazing to see up to 10 cruise ships at a time. 

One of the most iconic ships is the Queen Mary II which has drawn visitors from afar eager to see this beautiful Cunard Vessel. Several of the Carnival fleet have also been spotted out in the bay as well as the P&O ships.

Best Places to see the Cruise Ships in Weymouth

Here at We are Weymouth we have received many requested for information about the best places to view the ships from to here are our recommendations.

1. Lookout Cafe

Cruise Ships in Weymouth from Lookout Cafe

Overlooking the bay with a nice grass area for the children and pets to run around, you will find the Lookout Café, aptly named are you will be looking out over all of the ships assembled in the bay, a great spot for photos.

2. Cafe Oasis

View of the Cruise Liners in Weymouth

For that perfect sea-level view of the ships with a table actually on the beach visit the Café Oasis

3. Sunset Bar and Restaurant

Bowleaze Cove View of Cruise Ships

A little know café with a roof top terrace to view the ships from is above the Fantasy Island amusements at Bowleaze Cove, the Sunset Bar.

4. Jurassic Rocks Cafe

Jurqassic Rocks1

Situated in the charming Greenhill Gardens is the Jurassic Rocks Café where you can enjoy views of the gardens and the bay.

5. Nothe Fort

For a totally different perspective on the bay and the ships, you can visit the battlements of the Nothe Fort where you will be able to see not only Weymouth Bay but over the other direction to Portland Harbour.  Newly opened in the Fort is a terrace with seating which has unrivalled views of the Weymouth and the bay.