Weymouth’s Halloween Spooky Market


St Thomas St, Weymouth, UK


All Day Event! Please come anytime during the day :)

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There’s a chill in the air and I don’t just mean the temperatures outside are getting cooler!

Halloween is nearly here, and we take it very seriously in Weymouth, with ancient traditions and superstitions connected to the sea and mariners living on in the ghostly streets where an ancient market once stood, serving the pirates and smugglers of old Weymouth Town. Rumour has it, that the market reappears each October but only for a short time, with spooky gifts to buy and flavoursome food and drink to savour and of course Pirates!

Now if we let you into a Pirate secret do you think you can keep it?

Well  I know the spooky market will be back from the 23rd – 27th October in St. Thomas Street, New Bond Street, St. Mary Street in old Weymouth Town.

And if you come dressed in Halloween Pirate or smuggler Fancy Dress you might just win a prize from the Pirate King himself!

Of course, you will need to impress him with your yo ho ho and Shiver my timbers to win a prize maybe some pieces of 8?  Perhaps a Pirate’s Treasure Chest?

Or you can impress the ghostly Pirate King, with your carved Pumpkins for a pumpkin light up on the spooky market or join our Halloween Treasure Hunt.  Visit the shops around the town, read the clue and look for the item in the window they don’t usually sell, visit all the shops and guess the items to be entered into a spooky prize draw.

So, we dare you to visit the Halloween Market in old Weymouth Town this October, it’s going to be delightfully frightful!

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