The Front Live


Aura & Lazy Lizard, The Esplanade, Weymouth, UK


31/12/2019 31/12/2019

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The Front Live
Mista Jam, Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago headline acts.

8pm – 7am.
Aura & Lazy Lizard, Weymouth Esplanade
31st December 2019 (New Year’s Eve).

Music stage, food stalls & seven bars!
Tickets £20, VIP tickets £40

Running for over ten years, ‘The Front Live’ began as a local event, aimed at creating a safe, well organised festival like atmosphere in Weymouth on New Year’s Eve. Now, it has developed into an established & internationally renowned New Year’s Eve event, with tickets being sold across the U.K. and Europe. Organised by Aura and The Lazy Lizard nightclubs, The Front Live offers an exciting and safe destination for New Year’s Eve revellers with an incredible array of live acts. Over the years, it has been established as, without doubt, the number 1 destination in Weymouth for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The attendance figures have grown year on year, with last year’s event attracting over 3,500 visitors from across the country. This year, with the site expansion and planned additions of food stalls and extra bars (including a VIP bar), the visitor numbers are expected to exceed 4,500.

This Year’s Event

This year, we have secured a number of globally recognised DJ’s/artists who hold residencies in Ibiza, and have expanded our site substantially. We are placing a number of extra bars outside both venues, as well as opening a VIP bar with private toilets and smoking shelter. Also, we have invited local businesses to open a number of street-food stalls on our site, to provide revellers with food throughout the event.

Our headline acts this year are Radio 1 DJ Mista Jam & Ibiza residents Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago. By securing these fantastic, globally renowned artists, we hope to even further extend our reach and appeal, in turn promoting Weymouth tourism and boosting the economy in general. Weymouth has established itself as a top destination for New Year Eve celebrations, even voted in the top 10 places to spend New Year’s Eve, alongside places such as Rome and Rotterdam on goeuro.co.uk, as well as placing in the top 10 in a similar list on TripAdvisor! We believe that ‘The Front Live’ plays a huge part in this international popularity, and hopefully this year’s event will continue to build upon our previous successes.


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