Nothe of the Living Dead


Nothe Fort, Barrack Road, Weymouth, UK


25/10/2019 26/10/2019

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Nothe of the Living Dead (A Halloween Experience to remember) Interactive zombie experiences taking Nothe Fort to another level

Though their presentation may vary, each experience shares a common thread – humankind versus zombie – a theme that Nothe of the Living Dead will continue to entertain our visitors who have the courage to participate in this event.

Set in one of the UK’s most haunted attractions, Dorset’s Nothe Fort will be an immersive zombie experience that sees survivors of the new apocalypse battling their way through a web of tunnels infested with flesh devouring zombies. Along the way, each survivor must overcome a series of challenges that will enable him/her to collect the ‘essential survival kit/vaccine’ required to gain access to the rescue teams waiting at the tunnel’s end. The aim is to deliver a truly immersive cocktail of horror, challenge, exhilaration and fun.

The Fort View Café will have their licenced bar open from 7pm to 11pm.

Please note ticket will be available online from 1st September 2019. Prices range from £15-£20 and time allocation options available when booking.

Minimum age is 16 (Under 18’s must be accompanied by a participating / paying adult)

No maximum age, height or weight restrictions, though participants should be fit and healthy, with good emotional robustness as some activities are fast-paced and scary.
NB: This experience is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant; has a heart, neck or back condition; or suffers from epilepsy or claustrophobia.

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