Landance By The Sea, Weymouth Beach


Weymouth Beach, The Esplanade, Weymouth, UK


25/07/2019 25/07/2019

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Landance, Weymouth Beach 

Since 2006 Landance has commissioned professional artists to create dance performances in landscapes and towns, attracting audiences from rural areas, market towns and urban centres. Performances have extended the audience’s experience of art and landscape, enlivening it with the relationship between people and environment, providing a lasting memory of place.

An evocative duet, starting on the promenade then descending to the water’s edge, it is inspired by the experience of young couples during WW1, falling in love, parting, reuniting with the Armistice.

Thursday 25th July Weymouth promenade at 1.30, 2.15 and 3pm, weather permitting.

Look out for an emerald green flag flying high & an A-board on the promenade tofind the performances, or visit Facebook landancelive for up to the minuteinformation.

Please visit landance.org.uk for more information



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