International Guild of Knot Tyers Exhibition


Nothe Fort, Barrack Road, Weymouth, UK


All Day Event! Please come anytime during the day :)

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Knotting Matters

Nothe Fort are delighted to be hosting the International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT) from the 10th – 12th May.

Members and visitors to the Fort will be able to see the various displays and engage with Guild.

The International Guild of Knot Tyers is an association of people with interests in knots and knotting techniques of all kinds. They have over a thousand members world-wide, from all walks of life, including academics, surgeons, sailors, sportsmen and women, scouters, magicians, farmers, miners and accountants. Membership is open to anyone interested in knotting (whether expert or simply hoping to learn from others).

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