Circus of Horrors


If ever there were a Paralympic for acrobatics, then Viktor Kochkin would win a Gold Medal.
Viktor (27) was born with virtually no legs, but he was determined not to let his disability get in his way of becoming a circus performer. He used his incredible upper body strength to teach himself amazing acrobatics to achieve his goal.

He was spotted performing with an acrobatic troupe in Russia by Circus of Horrors Supremo Dr Haze who for two years has been attempting to bring Viktor to the UK.

Now in 2018 Viktor has arrived in Britain and is wowing the crowds at Circus of Horrors. Dr Haze commented, ‘I knew Viktor would be a big hit but he has exceeded all expectations and I am proud that he has chosen the Circus of Horrors for his debut outside of Russia. It’s a truly victorious story of someone overcoming what life has thrown at them, beating it and setting a great example to prove what can be achieved if you set your mind to it.’

The Circus of Horrors remains the only circus to reach the finals of Britain’s Got Talent and is Britain’s greatest circus export. The show has brought unique performers to the UK and beyond for many years, including one of the Worlds smallest men, the man with the stretchiest skin in the World, World record holding sword swallowers, hair hangers and even a Mexican Wolf Boy; Barnum would certainly have been proud.

The Circus of Horrors continues its European tour, taking in Poland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Holland and 100 UK theatres throughout 2018/9. The Circus of Horrors can be seen at Weymouth Pavilion on Wednesday 23 January 2019, 7:30pm. Adult Tickets are from £23 and Seniors from £19. Tickets are available online and via the Box Office 01305 783 225.


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