A Vegan And Vegetarian’s Guide To Weymouth

Vegan Restaurants in Weymouth

Are you on the look out for vegan restaurants in Weymouth? There is a wide range of vegan-friendly and vegetarian restaurants in the beautiful area and seaside town of Weymouth. If you want to try something new, improve your health or need to find suitable menus for a visiting friend, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Weymouth which you must try if you’re in the area:

The HiVe Cafe

When it comes to Vegan Cafes, it doesn’t get much better than “The HiVe“. With plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free options, there really is something for everyone here. It comes as no surprise that The HiVe is ranked as one of the best cafes in Weymouth on TripAdvisor. From brownies, pistachio cake and flap jack to sausage rolls, burgers, fajitas and quiche, vegetarian-friendly options can be found throughout the whole menu.

You must try: The Famous HiVe Veggie Burger

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The Hive Cafe Weymouth


The Secret Garden

Opened last year in the sunny Hope Square, start your day right with a visit to The Secret Garden. Between their breakfast, lunch and waffle menus there are over 25 vegan options and over 30 vegetarian options – that doesn’t even include the sides, cakes, wines and more! The Secret Garden will be expanding their popular waffle menu in 2020 – go and treat yourself!

You must try: One of the popular vegan or gluten-free waffles with the sweetest toppings available.

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Vegan Restaurants in Weymouth


The Nautico Lounge

Right in the centre of Weymouth and based in the Old Post Office, the Nautico Lounge is a comfortable, colourful, airy cafe-bar that stretches back to a great little garden. Serving from early until late, there are lots of popular vegan items on the Nautico menu. This is the perfect spot for a bit of brunch with lots of mouth-watering breakfasts, toasties and sandwiches on offer.

You must try: The Breakfast Club. Enjoy a Veggie Breakfast with a Hot Drink by 12pm for just £7.65 on weekdays.

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Weymouth


Boho Gelato

If you’re stuck on vegan and vegetarian options to indulge in regarding ice-cream, then Boho Gelato offer exactly that. The Boho menu is being constantly updated with new ice cream flavours so be sure to keep checking back to see what the newest flavour is!

You must try: A cold and comforting vegan-friendly ice cream. Available in a cone or a tub – take you pick!

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Boho Gelato Vegan Weymouth


The Crows Nest in the Square

The Crows Nest is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Weymouth. With over 34 vegetarian dishes to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. The Crows Nest is another gem in Weymouth’s historical Hope Square. You can enjoy al-fresco dining and live music in the Summer.

You must try: Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni or the Vegetable Paella with a glass of vegan-friendly wine.

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The Crows Nest Weymouth


Cafe Piccolo

Cafe Piccolo is a beach side licensed coffee shop with the most beautiful sea views, serving Artisan Coffee with local Craigs Farm Dairy milk, four plant milk options, sandwiches, toasted paninis, soup, baked potatoes, home made cakes including many vegan options.

Cafe Piccolo


Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Weymouth

There is a great, eclectic range of options for vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Weymouth. Discover more food and drink from our directory. You’ll find even more great cafes and restaurants! Most eateries have vegetarian or vegan options so just ask to see the menus.