6 Places to grab a healthy meal in Weymouth

Feast Cafe Oasis

More people are now wanting to get their bodies into shape and are making more of an effort to exercise and have healthy eating habits. However if you think that you need to put a stop to those nice evenings where you go out for dinner then think again! Weymouth has a number of restaurants offering healthy options so you can enjoy your evening guilt free! Or lunch if you wish…

Vaughan’s Bistro

Serving a range of healthy fish and meat dishes whilst offering a range of pasta, risotto and salad dishes, you won’t be left stuck for choice if you’re watching that waistline!




Take a trip to this delicious, chain Italian restaurant and tuck in to a range of dishes under 600 calories. They tell you on the menu!



Galley Bistro

Serving a range of meat and fish dishes accompanied by their delicious veg, the Galley Bistro have plenty of healthy options on their menu.



The HiVe Cafe

A cafe that sources it’s food locally and served delightful, homemade dishes. The HiVe cafe serves vegetarian and vegan dishes, so it’s a perfect spot for all you veggies and vegans!

hive cafe


With seafood being extremely healthy and nutritious, Crustacean put their focus in to sourcing the finest local seafood to serve to you with delight.