Weymouth Pavilions best pantomime to date!

Weymouth pantomime winter 2015 . We Are Weymouth.

Booming success for Weymouth Pavilion!

In the past Weymouth Pavilion was struggling to the point where it looked like our Pantomime was coming to an end, however that’s far from the truth nowadays.

The Pavilion has made and astounding turn around since Phil Spear formed a community group, took the pavilion off the councils hands in 2013 and threw the fantastic venue in the right direction with this years Panto being the best to date, with thousands of family’s flocking in to see this years Snow White generating up to 15,000 tickets sales showing a 21 percent increase from last years Aladdin!

the community members credit the venues success down to just keeping prices down

Mr Say said: “We purposefully didn’t go for a television or celebrity name. Instead, we chose professional pantomime performers.”

This way audiences can  ensure that they are getting a top quality performance!

However the Pantomime is just one part of a huge success story £15,000 has been spent so far in order to make the Pavilion more stylish and updated. The Ocean Room has also recently been refurbished which is a popular site for weddings and even corporate events.