New Year’s Eve in Weymouth – Fancy Dress Extravaganza

New Year's Eve in Weymouth. Character's from the Wizard of Oz.

New Year’s Eve in Weymouth is renowned as one of the places to come and celebrate the end of one year and welcome in the next. The whole town comes out in fancy dress and there is live music inside the pubs and clubs. Also, outside there are bands playing into the night.


Weymouth hosts one of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations anywhere. Recently it was hailed as one of the best spots to be not only in the UK but in fact the whole of Europe! Alongside the giant cities of Paris, Rome and Berlin, Weymouth sites as one of the 10 Top Places To Go For New Year’s Eve.

If you’re visiting from outside the area be sure to book one of the great hotels in Weymouth now. The town gets booked up very quickly so some people re-book every year.

Best fancy dress to wear on New Year’s Eve in Weymouth

Every reveller is encouraged to unleash their flamboyant side and dress up as their favourite character. Here are some of the great costumes that have been seen in the town recently.

elsa-from-frozenLet it snow, let it snow. Well if you’re dressed up as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen then this won’t be a problem. Snow in Weymouth is quite rare though as the salt in the air from the sea usually stops it from settling in the town.

wizard-of-oz-2We’re off to see the Wizard. A bit of planning and a good team effort can see you and your friends dressing up as set of characters from the big screen. Going out in Weymouth as The Wizard of Oz has been a favourite for many over the years.

Siderman costume on New Year's Eve in Weymouth

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. There are usually a whole host of Marvel super heroes out on New Year’s Eve in Weymouth. The mask can make it tricky to enjoy a drink so just make sure you don’t reveal your true identity if you have take it off.

Minions in Weymouth on New Year's Eve

Those funny little dungarees clad yellow creatures get everywhere and Weymouth is no exception. If you choose to come dressed as a minion from Despicable Me then we’re sure you’ll be able to find some friends. Combine forces with the other minions and form as super size group. Goggles at the ready!

Ninja Turtles in Weymouth on New Year's Eve.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heroes in a Half Shell, Turtle Power! Here are a team of mutant turtles keeping the streets of Weymouth safe on New Year’s Eve. Just make sure the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters doesn’t get them by surprise!


Best places to be at midnight on New Year’s Eve in Weymouth

When the clock strikes 12 to signal the start of the New Year where’s the best place to be? Here’s a few of the popular spots to head to…

The Jubilee Clock

Sing Auld Lang Syne around the Town Clock and party the night away! The clock is one of Weymouth’s best-loved landmarks and has been a meeting place for generations of both locals and visitors. Since it was first built in 1887, it has been the focal point of Weymouth’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. As midnight approaches, revelers gather beneath its four faces to enjoy the countdown to the New Year.
Weymouth Jubilee Clock on The Esplanade. A popular place to be on New Year's Eve in Weymouth. We Are Weymouth.

Weymouth Sea Front

The picturesque setting of the sea front is a great place to be as the New Year approaches. The natural arc of the bay provides a good shelter from the winter elements. The expansive Weymouth beach and promenade allow the throngs of people to spread out along the shoreline and see in the new year with a sea view!  

Weymouth Seafront Banner. We Are Weymouth.

The George Bar & Grill 

A perfect location on the harbour-side. On New Year’s Eve in Weymouth, there aren’t many better places to enjoy a drink than outside the George Bar and Grill. Situated on the waters edge, the George has been a favourite with revellers for many years. 

The George Bar and Grill. We Are Weymouth

Brewers Quay

In the Old Harbour area of Weymouth many people head to Brewers Quay to see in the New Year. The beautiful red brick building that was the old Devenish Brewery headquarters towers over the square. The surrounding pubs like the Red Lion and The Crow’s Nest have good outside areas. These help to provide a great atmosphere in the square in the lead up to midnight.  Nautical Antique Centre. We Are Weymouth.

Here’s a video of some of the action from the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Weymouth from 2015.