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7 Places to Take a Scenic Photo in Weymouth & Portland

With Weymouth & Portland being surrounded by the beauty of the Jurassic Coast, there are many spots to get your camera out and snap some of the most breathtaking  photos that you won’t be getting rid of any time soon!

Weymouth Beach

An obvious one but we can’t leave it out! With many different angles to choose from, you can capture the beauty of Weymouth’s shores, the white cliffs on the coastline or the fantastic structure of Weymouth’s Esplanade.



Weymouth Harbour

Taking a few pictures on Weymouth beach can lead you just a short walk around the corner on to Weymouth Harbour, where you can snap the artistry of the town bridge, the boats moored in the harbour and the wonderful range of restaurants, cafes and bars on the harbourside. It’s certainly incredible when the sun is rising or setting too!



Bowleaze Cove

Park yourself at the peak of the hill and enjoy the stunning views overlooking Weymouth Bay and the cliffs heading out to Poole and Bournemouth. Sit on the benches and embrace the view while the opportunity is there, grab a picture and top off the moment by enjoying some food and drink at The Lookout Cafe or Cafe Oasis.



Chesil Beach

At either end of the Chesil Beach road between Weymouth and Portland, or even anywhere in between you can capture a stylish picture from pretty much anywhere! Walk over the heap of stones to get a stunning shot of the crashing waves or picture the windsurfers and kitesurfers the other side – it’s your choice! Or both…



Portland Bill

Take a trip to the far end of Portland and experience unique scenery you won’t find often! With the cracking view of the red and white lighthouse and the rough seas in behind, it’s the perfect spot for an ideal Jurassic Coast shot.




Bincleaves/The Nothe

A lovely area to walk around, stand at the top of the hill at Bincleaves or on the bridge by the car park at the back of Hope Square, grab a shot of the beauty of the calm shores before (or after!) visiting the Nothe, another fantastic location to take some more! There are also some nice things to do on your trip, like visiting the Nothe Fort, eating at The Nothe Tavern or heading in to Hope Square to enjoy some fantastic food and drink at the range of pubs and restaurants it has to offer.