Schools Out! – Six Weeks of Summer Week 2

Weymouth Harbour . We Are Weymouth.

Crabs, Jellyfish and Jurassic Coast

Every week over the summer we’ll be bringing you all best things to do, see and enjoy in Weymouth. If you’re planning a visit down here on the Jurassic Coast, there’ll always be plenty of stuff going on to make it a holiday to remember.

Crabbing Weymouth

There’s always plenty to see and do around Weymouth’s gorgeous old harbour, whether it’s the bustling shops, restaurants and bars, or just sitting on the wall watching the boats come in. Or there’s the ever-popular crabbing – arm yourself with some nice smelly bacon in a net, dangle it over the wall and see how many crabs you can tempt out with it. Who can catch the most? Just mind out you don’t get a nip from those claws.

Other sea creatures to look out for this year are the giant jellyfish around the Stone Pier. The huge barrel jellyfish have been spotted around the Dorset coast all summer. They can be up to 5ft long – the largest species found in UK waters. You may see them washed up, or even swimming near the shore. Their sting is very mild, similar to a nettle rash, though experts advise swimmers not to touch them. They are not dangerous to humans, and only eat plankton.

Once you’re done with the wildlife and you’re ready for lunch, another great place to while away a few hours is Nothe, with it’s sweeping views from the ramparts overlooking the entrance to the harbour. It’s a great place for a picnic, or just to sit and relax and take in some of the finest views along the spectacular Jurassic Coast.

spiritFinally, for cultural days out this week, check out The Spirit of Portland event happening between 24th July and 2nd August. It’s a celebration of Portland’s unique heritage, with special open days concentrating on fetes, food, art, music, culture, maritime heritage and natural environment across the whole Portland region. For more information, check out our event page.