Haunted Dorset: Our Guide to Ghost Hunting in Weymouth

Ghost Hunting in Weymouth

It is no coincidence that a lot of ghost stories are based in Weymouth. Dorset is full of history and is home to lots of aged locations that are guaranteed to give you a scare. With Nothe Fort recently voted as one of the spookiest places in Britain, Weymouth is the ideal location for ghost hunting. Explore these spooky Weymouth points of interest and unlock your inner ghostbuster.


Nothe Fort

The Nothe Fort has become increasingly popular with ghost hunters and those seeking a paranormal experience. Built in 1860, Nothe Fort is an important part of Weymouth history. The fore was built to protect Portland Harbour and is a twisting labyrinth of dark and spooky underground passages making it the ideal place for ghost hunting in Weymouth. The most famous of the many reported sightings is of ‘The Whistling Gunner’, a mysterious ‘shade’ that resides in the underground tunnels.

The next organised ghost hunt at the Nothe Fort is on Saturday 5th October, 8pm – 2am but it’s not for the faint hearted! Speak to the group to find more Weymouth points of interest!


The Black Dog

Dating back to the late 16th century, The Black Dog pub is claimed to be one of the oldest (and most haunted) buildings in Dorset so it’s no wonder there are many mysterious stories surrounding it. Another interesting part of Weymouth history, the most renowned ghost story is that of a ghostly re-enactment of a murder. It is said that two members of Hawkhurst smuggling gang whipped Richard Hawkins to death in The Black Dog in 1758. Staff and visitors have reported many unusual experiences from books flying off the shelves, lights switching on and off on their own, phantom footsteps, one lone guest of the inn upstairs even reportedly heard a ‘hello’ whilst he was laying in bed!


The Boot Inn

Dating back to the Mid-17th century, this Grade II Listed Building has heard its fair share of bumps in the night. Former landlords have reported phantom footsteps and even the odd sea shanty being sang near the bar area. Staff have reported furniture and wall decorations being mysteriously rearranged, one landlord is said to have seen a ghostly apparition of a seaman wearing heavy boots whilst he was in the cellar.


The Bincombe Railway Tunnel

This Victorian tunnel on the main line from Weymouth to Dorchester was built during the late 1850’s. Since the 1990’s it’s gained a reputation for being haunted with ghost sighting being reported from many train drivers. One of the sightings is believed to be a commuter who was tragically hit by a train on his way home in 1987. It was said that he was taking a short cut along the tracks because he’d missed the last train home.


Chapelhay Steps

Since 1983, three cases have been reported of a ghost that likes to push men in the back as they descend the steps. All three men were reported to have been pushed on a certain area of the steps by an unknown entity. Neither of the men saw anyone else in the area at the time!


Ghost Hunting in Weymouth

Of course, there is a lot more to offer than just ghost hunting in Weymouth. Once you’ve scared yourself silly, go and enjoy the Harbour and check out the gorgeous restaurants and cafes Weymouth has to offer. Find out more about Weymouth history and Weymouth points of interest on our website.