10 Weymouth ‘Claim to Fame’ Moments

The Town Bridge open, Weymouth, Dorset, UK. Picture Credit: Graham Hunt Photography

With our hometown being a wonderful and scenic location on the South Coast, Weymouth has been chosen as the destination for many movie and television scenes. How many of these do you know?

The Boat That Rocked

Filmed in 2009, this comedy/drama featured the waters of Weymouth and Portland and it’s fantastic coastal facilities. A pub quiz scene was shot at the Old Rooms on Weymouth’s harbourisde, whilst Castletown on Portland also features as a street scene. Ever wondered where the nearby Cafe The Boat That Rocks got it’s name from?



The Damned

Taking you back to the years of black and white, filmed in 1962 and 1963, this cold war drama featured scenes across Weymouth & Portland. With the film opening on Weymouth Esplanade and ending up in the scenes of Portland quarries, other locations such as Portland’s cemetery at St. George’s church also feature.




In 2008, the Mitchell family went took a holiday in the show to seaside in Weymouth, where the beach and the Esplanade featured in July that year.



The Goodies

This once popular TV series filmed in the 70’s and early 80’s, many scenes were shot around Dorset including Swanage and Beaminster, Weymouth and Portland also featured in many scenes across the series.

the goodies


The Saint

Another oldie… This TV series that began in 1962 for 7 years saw Roger Moore driving his Volvo from Weymouth, over the causeway to Portland in 1964.

the saint


The Heroes of Telemark

This film set during World War 2, made in 1965, used Weymouth Quay and it’s railway for a number of shots while Weymouth’s bay was used for the scenes of the sea crossing and minefield.

the heroes of telemark


Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men

In one episode of Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men, the crew and Danny himself visited Weymouth to visit Mo Teague, a martial arts instructor at Weymouth Martial Arts Centre. They recorded the interview and the demonstrations in the Dorothy Inn on Weymouth seafront.

danny dyer


Doctor Who

In 1989, the Doctor Who episode “Ghostlight” visited Stanton Court, opposite Greenhill Gardens to use the premises as a haunted house.

doctor who



Extremely popular TV series on ITV, most famously known in Dorset for being filmed at West Bay, season 2 produced scenes in Weymouth, including the pier, Esplanade, The Lazy Lizard and Alexandra Gardens.




Last but not least… You know it! The famous film made this year reenacting the sad, yet true story of Dunkirk during World War 2 used Weymouth for many of it’s scenes. Many shots were filmed on the harbourside towards the Pavilion end, just outside The Stable.