Weymouth in Winter: Beach Walks

Weymouth Esplanade in Winter with Victorian Huts. We Are Weymouths

Weymouth is beautiful all year round and the area’s beaches are a perfect location to breathe in some crisp sea air to feel refreshed this winter!

1. Weymouth Beach

weymouth beaches

Weymouth Beach is a beautifully golden curving beach that not only the locals love but, so do the visitors that come down to Weymouth to use it all year round. The view of the striking white Purbeck Cliffs in the low winter sun is a sight to be seen.

2. Greenhill

Continue to walk a long Weymouth Beach and you will meet Greenhill where the sand stops and the pebbles begin. A perfect spot to enjoy the sound of the waves lapping at the water’s edge.

3. Sandsfoot Castle

weymouth beaches The beach down at Sandsfoot Castle is for the ones that want a bit of a quieter experience. Coming here not only grants you the chance to see the beach but you are also given the chance to visit Sandsfoot Castle and it’s glorious gardens with a spectacular view of Portland.

4. Bowleaze Cove

Running to the end of the pier and back is a kid’s favourite and just checking out the stunning views are just some of many fantastic reasons to visit Bowleaze Cove. Keep the kids entertained at the Fantasy Fun Park just off the shore!

5. Chesil Cove, Portland

GHP-Weymouth Landscape January 2016-15 600x400Chesil Cove is the most southerly point of the 18 mile stretch that is Chesil Beach.  Enjoy the views out to sea and the rugged Portland coastline to your left.

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