5 Jurassic Coast Walks from Bus Stops

Walks in Weymouth - Pavilion to Bowleaze Cove

With regular bus services continuing to operate throughout Autumn and Winter, what better way to keep fit than to hop on a bus to one of the fantastic locations along the Jurassic Coast to stretch those legs? Take a look at a range of places you can hop off the bus right on the doorstep of a walking route along the coastline…

First Bus Service 1 – Portland

Catch the bus from the King’s Statue in Weymouth, running every 12-20 minutes up to Portland Victoria Square, head along the Chesil beach towards Weymouth where you can stop at Billy Winters to refuel before walking back along the coast road to the bus stop. If you decide that it’s too much of a walk, you can hop on the bus just opposite Billy Winters to save yourself heading back over to Portland. During your walk, head over the heap of stones on the beach and embrace the view of the Jurassic Coast.



First Bus Service 503 – Waterside Holiday Park

Begin your walk from Weymouth’s seafront and head towards the Pier Bandstand at the end of the beach, where you can continue to walk alongside the stoney beach of Greenhill before making your way towards Bowleaze Coveway. Stop off at Cafe Oasis on the beach side or the Lookout Cafe at the top of Bowleaze and enjoy a range of lunches, snacks and drinks, embracing the view of the Weymouth bay. Continue to walk over Bowleaze Coveway before making your way to the Waterside Holiday Park, where you can rest your legs and hop on the bus back down in to town. These buses run every 30 minutes. This walk takes you along the whole of the Weymouth bay and is a fantastic experience.

bowleaze cove


First Bus Service X53 – West Bay

Catch the Jurassic Coaster (X53), running every 2 hours from Weymouth’s King’s Statue down to West Bay and experience the true value of the Jurassic Coast. West Bay, also known as Broadchurch for being the host location of the famous ITV crime series, is also a beautiful place along the Jurassic coast with multiple fish & chip shops and cafes dotted around the harbour before making your way towards the cliffs along the beach. Walk the cliffs and take in the stunning views and don’t forget to take some pictures! If you leave early on in the day you can get back to Weymouth in time to enjoy dinner at one of our fantastic restaurants to round off a perfect day!

west bay


First Bus Service X53 – Lyme Regis

The same service that takes you to West Bay, operating every 2 hours from Weymouth’s King’s Statue. Further along the Jurassic Coast you will find Lyme Regis where you can stroll along the heart of the Jurassic Coast and during your walk, do some of what Lyme Regis is known for… fossil and ammonite hunting!

lyme regis


First Bus Service X53 – Abbotsbury to Burton Bradstock

Hope on the X53 from Weymouth’s King’s Statue and enjoy the 30 minute journey before you get off at Abbotsbury. Walk through the pretty village and make your way on to the coast side before putting your legs to the test and walking your way to Burton Bradstock. This walk will take about 2 1/2 hours so make sure you’re equipped with water bottles and snacks! The X53 bus will pick you up from Burton Bradstock before taking you back down in to Weymouth (every 2 hours). If you need some time to kill while waiting for your bus you can enjoy some refreshments at the Hive Beach Cafe on the beach side at Burton Bradstock.

burton bradstock