How to go crabbing in Weymouth

How to go crabbing in weymouth

Crabbing with Kindness: Five Top Crabbing Tips

Crabbing with Kindness is a new outreach campaign that was recently launched to educate people about responsible crabbing in Weymouth. This community campaign was organised by Caz Dennett, Emma Smart and Andy Smith and has received funding from Weymouth BID. The three wanted to give visitors and veterans crabbing tips which explained how to go crabbing responsibly. Follow these top crabbing tips when you are next crabbing in Weymouth: 

Use a Bait Bag

If you don’t have a bait bag, you will be able to buy one from most Weymouth crabbing and fishing stores. It is important to use a bait bag rather than crabbing hooks which can seriously injure the crab.

Three’s a Crowd 

Use a large bucket and do not allow more than three crabs into the water. Watch out for any fights and replace any fighting crabs to the sea with care. 

Look after the bucket

Once you’ve caught a crab be sure to take care of it! We suggest changing the water in the bucket every 10 minutes to keep it fresh for the crabs. Make sure you keep the bucket in a shady area. 

Return all crabs to the sea gently 

After crabbing, please make sure you return the crabs to the sea gently and avoid agitating the crabs. 

Take all the kit with you

Unfortunately, there is often debris left from Weymouth crabbing and fishing. Please make sure you take all of your equipment home and definitely do not leave anything dangerous that could harm children on the beach. 

Crabbing with Kindness in Weymouth

Children are taught how to go crabbing with kindness with Casey the Crab!

How to go crabbing

For more crabbing tips or to find out more about Weymouth crabbing and fishing, take a look at our website or contact the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Weymouth Crabbing with Kindness has received funding from Weymouth BID. Visit Weymouth BID for more information about Weymouth BID and to see if you are eligible for funding.