7 things to do in Weymouth in ONE hour!

As the clocks will be moving forward, we will have longer evenings and more hours of daylight (yippee)! What are you going to do with the extra daylight hour? To start you off here are 7 things you can do in an hour in Weymouth and surrounding area…enjoy!

1. Stroll around the Nothe gardens and Weymouth Harbourside.

The Nothe Gardens offers beautiful views across Portland Harbour in the west to the Purbeck Cliffs in the east; it is such a beautiful panoramic view. After you have strolled through the avenues of trees at the gardens, meander your way down to Weymouth Harbourside. See the boats moored in the harbour and enjoy the view of the town bridge in the distance. Why not take a pit stop and relax with a refreshing cool drink or snack at one of the harbourside restaurants, cafes or pubs?

2. Walk Weymouth Beach and take a flight up the Weymouth SEALIFE Tower

Weymouth Sealife TowerWalk on the sand of Weymouth Beach towards Weymouth Pavilion and look back to see the beauty of the Purbeck Cliffs.  When the beach ends, take a ride on the Weymouth SeaLife Tower and see the landscape from a new angle! In two rotations of the gondola, see amazing 360° views of Weymouth town, the Nothe, Weymouth Beach and the Jurassic Coastline as you soar into the sky higher than the Taj Mahal and the Tower of London!

 3. Walk to Bowleaze Cove from Weymouth Town Centre

From Weymouth Town Centre the walk to Bowleaze Cove is a great way to get outdoors. Stroll along Preston Beach Road with the sea to your right and breathe in the fresh air. As you climb up Jordan Hill, why not take a look at the Roman temple remains to the left? Then step out onto the grassy area to the right and see the stunning view across Weymouth Beach, Portland and the Chesil. Continue walking down to the cove and out onto the walkway over the sea. If you are with the family, why not stay and check out the Fantasy Island Park?

 4. Cycle along the Rodwell Trail, see Sandsfoot Castle and visit the Chesil Beach Centre 

Start at the beginning of the trail on Abbotsbury Road or other entrances along the trail at Gypsy Lane or Buxton Road and cycle out towardssandsfoot Portland. Mid way along the trail, turn off left and visit King Henry VIII’s Sandsfoot Castle and look out at the view across to Portland in the background. Return to the trail, follow it towards Chesil Beach and see the boats bobbing in Portland Harbour to your left. Visit the Chesil Beach Centre and discover Portland’s conservation plans for Chesil Beach and the Jurassic Coast. Why not stop for tasty snack or refreshing drink at the café after your cycle?!

5.  Visit the RSPB Reserve in Weymouth

Spot the returning migrant birds arriving back to the UK! Watch swallows, martins and others swoop over the reedbeds catching their first meals back in Britain. Keep an ear out for sounds coming from the reedbeds; warblers and water rails will be making their presence known. Look out for orchids and other spring flowers that are beginning to show their faces now the weather is warmer.

6. Thrill seekers get onto the water with Weymouth Bay Rib Charters!

Opening for Easter, Weymouth Bay RIB Charters will be take you through Weymouth’s stunning harbour and into the Bay where the fun really begins. Nothing comes close to the 20 minutes adrenaline packed RIB ride where you hit speeds of up to 40+mph! After all that excitement, why not enjoy some classic seaside fish and chips…delicious!

Watch the video to see what is in store!

7.  Explore Tout Quarry Sculpture Park on Portland  

Portland Tout Quarry Spot the sculptures around the park! The Tout Quarry Sculpture Park on Portland began in the late 80s with amateur and professional artists giving back to the Quarry where in the past so much had been taken away for buildings in London and around the world!


…So go on get out there and make the most of it!

Make it to 10 things! Tell us what you enjoy doing in an hour in Weymouth?