16 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Weymouth 2016

There are many reasons to come to Weymouth, but here are 16 we’ve picked especially for you!

1. Broadchurch is filmed only 17.5 miles away along the coast at West Bay, so come stay in Weymouth for the weekend and see what the BAFTA award winning show is up to!

Hive beach, Bridport, Dorset, the view of the cliffs and the sea

2. SUP paddle boarding has become a big thing within the local area,so why don’t you have a go? Or if you’ve already had your fair share of experience, pop down to Jurassic Jet Skis to get your own!

SUP paddleboarding crop

3.  Weymouth Leviathan Literary Festival is a new event for Weymouth to be held 12th-13th of March, celebrating the rich history of Maritime literature cramming in a massive 37 events within just 2 days.

4. 2016 shall see the return of Weymouths Out Loud Festival. Come down and enjoy the local acts, whether it be bands, dancers or shows performing over 5 different stages in Weymouth town center.

5. Weymouths Waterfest celebrates Dorset’s extensive maritime history. Spend your day going from stall to stall tasting the great local food, or brush up on your history; there will be plenty for you to do. You’ll even have the chance to come aboard the TS Pelican of London!

Waterfest Weymouth


6. The Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival takes place every year around Weymouth’s Old Harbour, and hosts a variety of seafood stalls ready to make you their first catch. Last year saw a “How To” zone, From Shore to Your Door area, childrens entertainment and Glam Your Clam for all the family to enjoy.elie_dervonte-seafood-69 - Copy

7. Visit the location that hosted the 2012 Olympic sailing. Pop down to Portland Marina and visit the National Sailing Academy and get first-hand experience of what it was like when Olympians from across the world rallied together to compete for the Gold Medal.

8. Weymouths annual Beach Motocross, hosted by the Weymouth and Portland Lions Club, will be taking place on the 15th-16th of October 2016. The previous year pulled in a crowd of roughly 16,000 over the 2 days all eagerly waiting to watch hundreds of riders compete and perform for the town along the esplanade and making brilliant usage of Weymouths stunning beach.

9. The annual Weymouth Carnival is an event that gets everyone in the town exited whether it be for the procession in the street, the rides along the Esplanade or the spectacular Air Show by Weymouths favorites, the Red Arrows. For those of you who are allowed to stay out a bit later, our locally famous firework display should be enough just to finish you off for the evening.

10. Come down to the beach, then visit the county town for a bit of country side fun! Have the best of both worlds with the Dorset County Show, usually the first weekend of September the show is the best way to get to know Dorset and the way we like to live. Give your thoughts on the live acts and best Cow!

11. The Great Dorset Steam Fair started in September 1969, and will be delivering its 47th year in 2016 starting from the 31st August- 4th September. The show will bring in thousand of people over the 4 days to see the long list of amazing vehicles that will feature in the show ranging from military vehicles to vintage tractors. Loads of fun for all the family.

12. Weymouth and Portland host a number of athletic events such as Tri Weymouth later in the year. What a great way to get around town and get in shape! more information at www.bustinskin.com/

13. One of the best – Weymouth has yet again been voted one of the top ten places in Europe to party for New Years! Come on down to our town-wide fancy dress party, whether you’re hitting the clubs on the Esplanade or heading to Hope Square, there’s no way you’ll miss any of the fun!

14. Visit our community run skate park! Ever since it’s opening in 2001 The Front Skate Park has become home to many of the local skaters, whether it’s volunteering, having your own private party or just looking for a place to do your daily skate. The Front also hosts events such as all night skates and professionals coming to the park.

15. Weymouth has a glorious golden sandy beach just touching the Esplanade minutes away from the town center and historic Harbour side. There are endless amounts of things to do on Weymouth’s beach whether it be building a sand castle and going for a swim during the summer or taking your dog out for a walk and “chase the pudding” during the winter months, you’ll never be bored of the stunning view.


16. Originally built in 1908, destroyed by a fire in 1954, rebuilt in 1959 and recently been taken over by a community run establishment the Weymouth Pavilion has been through a lot over the years and still continues to stand strong. The Pavilion has hosted a numerous amount of timeless classics that both adults and children can enjoy, fun for all the family.


Weymouth Pavilion