10 Things to do in Weymouth in the Sunshine

Here are 10 things to do in Weymouth in the sunshine…there is so much fun to be had!

1. Ice Cream

There is nothing quite like sitting by the seaside with the sun shining and an ice cream in hand.

2. Crabbing

Crabbing is a fantastic family past time around the harbour or by any rock pool. Play the classic games of who can find the biggest and smallest – or make up your own. Crabbing lines and baits can be found in many shops around the town.

3. Stone Skipping

The pebbled area to the North of Weymouth Beach is a great place to hone your pebble skimming skills. Skim your stones out into the beautiful Weymouth Bay and see the white Purbeck cliffs proudly standing in the distance.

4. Fish & Chips on the Seafront or Harbourside

If you come to Weymouth, you cannot miss the chance to have the British classic fish and chips on the seafront or harbour. With family restaurants that have been running for years such as the Marlboro and Bennett’s on the Waterfront; Weymouth restaurants have had time to tailor the art of the best chip!

5. Visit the Olympic Rings

The legacy of the 2012 Olympics can be seen around Weymouth & Portland. Take a trip to Portland to take a few pictures with the iconic Olympic rings. The rings stand as the foreground to a spectacular view across Chesil Beach and Weymouth Bay; if you are there later in the day, it is a superb view at sunset.

6. Cycle

Cycling around Weymouth and Portland is a great way to see the sights. There are many paths leading to Chesil Beach, the harbours and to East Weymouth. Check out the cycling section for more info.

7. Sand Sculptures on the beach

Witness the art of sand sculpturing in the dome by the Pavilion on Weymouth Beach where the sand artists from Sand World create their masterpieces. Try your hand at your own sand sculptures on Weymouth Beach! Take a snap and send them in to our twitter @WeAreWeymouthUK or facebook.com/WeAreWeymouthUK #WeymouthSands

8. Visit Portland Lighthouse

Portland Lighthouse is a beautiful place to visit when the sun is shining and the race creates glinting waves in the background. The Lighthouse has recently been refurbished with a new visitor centre; a great way to learn the building’s history.

9. Try your hands at 3 outdoor activities for only £10!

Ever fancied a go at sailing, paddleboarding, canoeing or rock climbing? Well here is your chance! For only £10 you can have three 1 hour sessions in outdoor activities in Weymouth & Portland. Check out the Dorset for You Life’s An Adventure site www.dorsetforyou.com/lifesanadventure/activeclubs

10. Picnic on the Nothe

Take a picnic to the Nothe Gardens, enjoy the warmth of the sun with the view of Portland Harbour and Weymouth Bay in the background. Take the family and enjoy a game of footie or catch on the grass.