10 FREE Things to do in Weymouth this Summer

When visiting Weymouth, there are a host of great attractions to visit, and there is also a selection of FREE activities to keep everyone entertained and see this beautiful area. Check out our top FREE things to do in Summer in Weymouth and Portland!

1. Weymouth Beach

Take a walk along the esplanade and find a spot to settle down on the UK’s longest beach. Stretching from Portland to Bridport, Chesil Beach is part of the world-renowned Jurassic Coast. Relax by the seaside and go for a swim, watch the traditional Punch and Judy show or even ride the donkeys- there’s something for everyone!

Punch and Judy on Weymouth beach

2. Crabbing

Crabbing is a fantastic family past time around the harbour or by any rock pool. Play the classic games of who can find the biggest, the smallest and the most! A piece of string and bait is all you need. Take yourself down Weymouth harbour for a great spot or Sandsfoot beach, a prime spot for rockpooling.

Weymouth harbour, the perfect spot for crabbing

3. Cycle

Cycling around Weymouth and Portland is a great way to see the sights. There are many paths leading to Chesil Beach, the harbours and to East Weymouth. Check out the cycling section for more info.

cycling in weymouth

4. Sand sculptures on the beach

Witness the art of sand sculpturing in the dome by the Pavilion on Weymouth Beach where the sand artists from Sand World create their masterpieces. Try your hand at your own sand sculptures on Weymouth Beach! Take a snap and send them in to our twitter @WeAreWeymouthUK or Facebook #WeymouthSands. 

Sand sculptures on Weymouth beach

5. Picnic on the Nothe

Take a picnic to the Nothe Gardens or visit the cafe, enjoy the warmth of the sun with the view of Portland Harbour and Weymouth Bay in the background. Take the family and enjoy a game of football or catch on the grass whilst taking in the view of the bay and the isle of Portland.

An aerial view of the Nothe fort and gardens

6. Visit the Olympic Rings

The legacy of the 2012 Olympics can be seen around Weymouth & Portland. Take a trip to Portland to take a few pictures with the iconic Olympic rings. The rings stand as the foreground to a spectacular view across Chesil Beach and Weymouth Bay; if you are there later in the day, it is a superb view at sunset. You can also visit the nearby Portland Bill for a stunning views and of the coastline.

7. Walk along Preston Beach Road to Jordan Hill

Walk along the Esplanade and continue to walk up Jordan Hill in Preston to see the view of the spectacular Bowleaze Cove. Turn to your right to see a panoramic view of the whole of Weymouth and Portland.

A stunning view of the Bowleaze cove cliff

8. Weymouth Harbour

Take a walk along the picturesque 17th century, harbourside, allowing time to take in the wonderful views. If you’re there at the right time you can watch the Weymouth town bridge go up to let the boats arrive to the harbour and depart. The bridge rises every 2 hours from 6am-8pm.

Boats arriving at Weymouth harbour

9. Lodmoor Country Park

Perfect for a walk or a cycle, Lodmoor country park is the perfect place to enjoy and relax whether it’s with your partner, on your own or with your family. The country park is also a great place for your four-legged friend to get some fresh air too among the beautiful views.

family cycling through lodmoor country park

10. Lorton Meadows

Lorton Meadows is a nature reserve you can enjoy completely free of cost. with a range of animals and birds to see as well beautiful scenery, you can experience true nature on your walk. With several different trails, the area is suitable for all ages. Please visit Lorton Meadows Wildlife Centre for more information.

Signs at lorton meadows