If you’re into waterskiing or wakeboarding Weymouth offers courses to get you started. For more experienced waterskiing Weymouth Bay awaits!

Wind in Your Hair

What could be more exciting than skimming across the water with the wind in your hair, pulled by a speedboat? There are several companies in Dorset, offering taster sessions and courses in both waterskiing and wakeboarding. For the more experienced, waterskiing is allowed in some areas of Weymouth Bay (a permit is usually needed for these activities - more information is available from Portland Port, Weymouth Harbour Authority, Weymouth Sailing Club or the Royal Dorset Yacht Club).

Powerboat Courses

If you would prefer to be in the boat you could become a qualified powerboat driver. You’ll find lots of information at the Royal Dorset Yacht Club on Weymouth Harbour.


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