The Jurassic Coast in Weymouth contains a treasure of 185 million years, perfect for fossil hunting. Will you find a curly ammonite or maybe uncover part of a dinosaur?!

Your Own Bit of Dinosaur

Fancy trying you hand at fossil hunting Weymouth? You might even find your very own real dinosaur! Well, a bit of one, anyway. Weymouth sits right in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Jurassic Coast – which stretches from East Devon to East Dorset and holds 185 million years of history in fossils. A walk along the beaches at Charmouth or Lyme Regis is likely to yield the most fossils, but anywhere along the Jurassic Coast, where there are rocks, could be where you make your find – perhaps an ammonite (the round curly ones) or a ‘devil’s finger’ (dino shark’s tooth) or if you are really lucky, part of a 165 million year old Ichthyosaurus!

Why not book a day out with a fossil hunting guide (pre-bookable online) or find your own fossils on Portland in Kingbarrow Quarry, behind Portland Heights Hotel.

While you are there, look out for Tout Quarry, on the opposite side of the road, which has been transformed into a sculpture park. While you are up there, a selfie by the Olympic rings is a must!

You can learn how to fossil hunt responsibly (so as not to hurt the environment, the irreplaceable history of our planet, or indeed, yourself) at


As a boy, entrepreneur Mike Hanlon dreamed of a ‘space of absolute wonder’ where fossils could be cared for and shown to the public. In 2021 it is envisioned that Jurassica will open to the public. This promises to be a world-class visitor attraction, showcasing 200 million years of Life on Earth in a glass dome, built in an old stone quarry on the Isle of Portland (go to for more information).


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