A day of FREE family Dino fun, full of Dinormous Surprises!

– Dino Selfies with T-Rex Junior

Dino Day - Baby T-Rex in New Bond Street at Weymouth, Dorset, UK. 15th April 2017. Photo by Graham Hunt PhotographyPlease note: We cannot accept responsibility for eaten children…

– Dino Passport Quest for Young Explorers, grab your passport & map for this exciting adventure

– Dino Games with Wessex FM

– Dino Mask Colouring

– Dino Mask Parade, with prizes

– Dino Roar Competition

– Plus, much more!

Dino Passport Quest 11am to 1pm:
There have been reported sightings of a Tyrannosaurus Rex coming in from all over Weymouth. World renowned Professor Tracy Eratops of the National Dinosaurium and her team have travelled down to offer their expertise. Adventurous families can join in the search too if they dare!

Arm yourself with the Dino Quest Passport & Map and keep your prehistoric wits about you as you come face to face with curious characters along the route.

There are four Quest Challenge Points to visit in the town and in exchange for completing a simple challenge, your passport will be stamped.

Collect all four dinosaur stamps to validate your passport for a scrummy reward.

At 1pm take and show your stamped passport to a member of the Wessex FM team to receive your reward and a chance to win a ‘Dino Easter Egg’.

Then for the grand finale, join the awesome dinosaur parade which promises to be amazing.

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